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Sitting Dog Chair Company

Custom Dog Portraits painted on Children's Chairs

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Realistic Pet Portraits Hand Painted on Kid's Furniture

Welcome to the Sitting Dog Chair Company !


I make custom-built children’s chairs which incorporate hand painted, lifelike portraits of Dogs (or other similarly sized pets) on the chair back.

The result is a unique piece of functional art for the living room, den or childrens' bedrooms. These make wonderful family keepsakes.... or happy reminders of beloved pets who have passed on.

In the sample below, the Boxer in the center is a painted chair --- not a real dog.  The other two are my real dogs, Fido the Cavalier and Gracie the Wheaten Terrier.


                            Fido, Boxer Chair, and Gracie



                                                                                                 Bruce and Porter Chair on Wood 

To view other completed works, please visit my Dog Portrait and Chair Gallery


 My paintings are done from photographs provided by the buyer---or taken by me---so that each chair features a true to life color portrait of the buyer's own family pet.  Alternately, I would be happy to paint a generic portrait of a breed selected by the purchaser if he/she prefers.

       Above:   Duffy painted on chair                         Above:  Portraits of Gracie and Fido                                          

Unlike most animal portraits, these chairs provide a strikingly realistic 3-D representation of your dog. I do this by paying special attention to detail in the painting, and by carefully cutting out the outline of the animal’s head and shoulders on the chair back. For mid-sized to larger dogs, adding one or both fore-legs / paws painted on the chair seat and legs enhances the 3-D effect as though the dog is sitting up leaning over the chair.


These chairs are very popular with children and grandchildren but have also been purchased simply as unique and whimsical art pieces for home décor. I love receiving photos of children sitting on their new “dog chairs”, but my favorite feedback has been reports of the actual household dog interacting with the chair upon its arrival, barking and trying to play with---or challenge---their new, familiar-looking companion.



Please check out my  of finished dog chairs and portraits:  gallery page





Contact Information for the Sitting Dog Chair Company:

email: (Bruce Williams)
Phone: 541-549-8299
16865 Lynwood Lane, Sisters, Oregon 97759